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Dominion Precast Ltd. manufactures high quality concrete site furnishings. Our site furniture includes commercial concrete picnic tables, commercial concrete patio tables, commercial park benches, commercial trash receptacles and commercial concrete planters.
We regularly ship our commercial site furniture all over Canada and the United States. Our customers include many governmental and private commercial organizations such as municipalities, schools, airports, fast food chains, hospitals, hotels as well as many parks and recreation departments. Our commercial benches and tables are used by many communities with commemorative plaques in their memorial bench programsas functional site furniture in their streets and parks. We also provide site and garden furniture to private individuals. Our exposed aggregate concrete furniture is a durable and attractive addition to any outdoor landscape.We continually research the latest advances in concrete technology in order to offer the highest quality and best value in commercial site furniture. Not only is concrete a durable material but in todays green world it can fulfill the 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Concrete is 100% reusable and recyclable.Whether your need is for a memorial bench or table for a parks program or commercial concrete tables, concrete trash receptacles and concrete planters for a restaurant patio concrete site furniture should be given serious consideration.


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Below is a brief description of each of our Main Product Categories...


CONCRETE TABLE PRODUCTS:  In this section we have several models of outdoor commercial picnic tables.  These precast concrete picnic tables are able to seat from 2 to over several people at one time.  These high quality tables are excellent choices for restaurants, schools, parks, and just about any other place outdoor seating may be required.


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CONCRETE BENCH PRODUCTS: In this section there are large and small commercial benches.  Some of these benches have backs and others do not.  Our most popular concrete bench (the Park Bench model) is ideally suited to having a plaque fastened to it to commemorate a loved one or to honor a charitable donation.


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CONCRETE GARBAGE CAN AND ASHTRAY PRODUCTS: In this section we have all of our round and square precast concrete trash cans and ashtrays including our most popular model the TR25PA (shown on the left).  These outdoor trash cans and ashtrays are designed to be virtually maintenance free.  Concrete trash cans are in the long run much more cost effective than other trash cans or litter containers.  Concrete ashtrays provide a useful place for people to dispose of their cigarette butts and help to keep commercial locations neat and tidy.




CONCRETE PLANTER PRODUCTS: In this section there are all kinds of concrete planters.   There are small concrete planters for residences and larger concrete planters for commercial applications.


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